Recycling today is more than simply calling a scrap dealer. IRSC has the expertise to fully examine your waste and by products and often find ways to put the material you discard back into productive use. This includes metals, plastics, paper, glass, ash, foams, minerals and equipment.

With over 100 years of combined experience our network of material processers, recovery and recycling operations and primary and secondary manufacturers allows us to find users or processors that can make your waste material in to products or ingredients that will extend the life of the material and avoid needless disposal.

Our process starts with understanding both your material and your process for generating it. As we evaluate your internal processes we may find ways to segregate, size, isolate or otherwise facilitate the conversion of your waste into a useful resource. As we examine the physical & chemical nature of your material we may find it a match for other manufacturing processes or recovery operations. Often, a slight physical or chemical modification can turn your material destined for landfill into material reused in manufacturing or recovered for some valuable constituent. Our network of manufactures and processors is very extensive so we will seek both a geographic and a material management match for you discarded material.

If your company wants to market itself as a green business, wants to avoid the long-term liability of landfills and incinerators, wants to approach zero landfill operations, wants to develop the relationships that can extract all the value from the products you produce and wants to be innovative and creative in developing strong material management practices and potentially qualify for carbon credits, then IRSC is the partner you need to facilitate a greater understanding of the potential your material possesses.

As we develop our action or processing plan for your byproducts, we will also gain the knowledge of your manufacturing operation that may also allow us to offer you products that are valuable in your operation from our other clients. This exchange and reuse of materials may provide you with additional material acquisition choices and lower costs for raw feedstock.

We will also examine any products already being recycled to see if there are additional buyers or alternative technologies that add value to what you currently recycle. Recycling technologies, commodity pricing and regulatory directives have created whole new industries dedicated to reusing, or recycling materials. IRSC is at the forefront of these technologies and can introduce your company to the latest innovations available.

We have the size, the experience (over 100 years in metal management) the logistical, mechanical and chemical expertise to evaluate, process and place your materials into productive reuse.