Mission Statement

We endeavor to provide a business model that promotes and delivers complete recycling and disposal services for industrial and post-consumer waste and excess. Through a collaborative and co-creative "partnership" with the Fortune 500 companies we have served, we will remain diligent in our pursuit of Zero Landfill and an unparalleled focus on environmental integrity and stewardship. Utilizing our core competencies of metal recycling and material disposition, we will fashion a bundling effect through established strategic alliances and partnerships with other service providers using our global network.

While the orientation of this integrated services model will come primarily through a virtual model utilizing robust B2B components, all business will be conducted using direct, hands-on relationships. Cost effective services and products as well as information security will be paramount in our operating philosophy and practices. This unique approach will serve private industry as well as the public sector through existing channels of collection and distribution.

Through a now long-standing industry trend to outsource non-core business activities, Integrated will expand its staff of subject matter experts to manage nearly all aspects of material recycling, waste minimization and cost-effective waste disposal.