Asset Mangement

IRSC is your best choice for managing all of your IT assets. We provide piece of mind with our data security services and complete environmental compliance. Your items will either be remarketed through our extensive sales markets or recycled to yield the highest commodity values possible.

Data Security

As part of our receiving process it is standard to wipe all hard drives. We can also offer hard drive destruction as well, if needed. You'll never have to worry about any material or equipment that leaves our facility.

Maximizing Value

Whether your assets have remarketing potential or they've reached end-of-life we can maximize value. Our extensive network allows us to find the very best markets for your assets. IRSC can help you to recover some of the capital you invested in your equipment purchases.

Revenue Sharing

Fixed Pricing

With IRSC's revenue sharing option you would transfer your assets to us so that we can capture the highest resale value. We would determine a shared percentage based upon the mixture of assets and once the items sell IRSC would cut a check based upon the amount the item sold for and apply the agreed upon revenue sharing percentage. We have an extensive remarketing network and feel confident that we can find your best value. The money generated can help to offset your processing fees and any often times new equipment purchases. If you'd prefer we can set an as-is price for your assets once we've reviewed the manufacturer, model number and condition of each asset. With our extensive resale network we can determine fair market value and assign a price to the asset and we'll assume any risk associated with re-sale. This option would allow you to receive value for your item faster than the revenue sharing model since you wouldn't be waiting for the assets to sell.