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Outsource Vendor Management

Integrated Recycling Services Company (IRSC) was founded on the concept that we are uniquely positioned to provide the scope of services for all recyclables, whether from the manufacturing process or post-consumer products.

As companies continue to operate with reduced staffing, they are turning to IRSC to provide solutions for their investment recovery, asset disposition and recycling needs.

Please contact us to explore outsourcing any of these critically important functions

On-Site Recycling Facilities

IRSC first introduced the practice of outsourced on-site management nearly 20 years ago, and has since provided consultative and management services for several Fortune 500 companies.

This concept grew out of four key principles:
• Environmental stewardship
• Open-door/open-book policy
• Revenue maximization
• Expense reduction

In addition to these core deliverables, we embrace an operating philosophy that prioritizes:
• Zero landfill
• The Green mantra of: “Reduce, reuse, recycle”
• Value-added processing
• Client education and participation

Latest News

Consistent with our mission of providing total recycling and investment recovery services, we have evolved as an industry leader providing complete investment recovery services, while continuing to expand our recycling footprint. Now with facilities in Los Angeles and Western New York, we have greatly enhanced our commitment to used and obsolete consumer products. With a mandate consistent with our core philosophy, IRSC now offers complete end-of-life services, including: certified destruction, de-manufacturing, data protection, reuse, refurbish and recycling of all obsolete electronic products.