Integrated Recycling Services Company, LLC (IRSC) was established in 1994 through the collaborative synergies apparent between two highly experienced and respected companies, Manitoba Corporation and United Alloys & Steel Corporation. Integrated evolved from a simple concept to an innovative strategic alliance born from un-compromised values and practices.

By establishing IRSC, we have merged our intellectual capital, operations experience and subject matter expertise to establish a compelling model offering a wide range of services to our clients. Our combined resources cover all aspects of Investment Recovery services, from turnkey on-site solutions to virtual asset management and consultative offerings.

With nearly 150 years of experience, Integrated provides its customers with an extensive inventory of skills and trade secrets. We offer a range of alternative solutions to your asset disposition needs. Furthermore, we are committed to and governed by a mandate to provide the highest standards of corporate safety, environmental preservation and turnkey operations. This dynamic model has a core commitment to remain abreast of changing regulations in recycling and waste disposal to insure compliance and to maintain a leadership role in providing the best services to our customers.

We can custom tailor product stewardship programs, which will insure compliance with "cradle to grave" responsibility for your product line.